Reliable Residential Moving Help in Louisville, KY

Reliable Residential Moving Help in Louisville, KY

Michael’s Moving Helpers can move your belongings efficiently and delicately

Are you stressed out from making moving arrangements? You might be tempted to load and unload your own truck. If you do, you’re risking personal injury and property damage! If you’re in the Louisville, Kentucky area, trust the job to Michael’s Moving Helpers. We offer a variety of moving services to make your life easier.

Choose the moving package that’s best for your needs and budget

Don’t overpay for more moving services than you need. Hire Michael’s Moving Helpers to get all the services you need—and none of the ones you don’t. Check out our pricing guide below:

  • Two moving helpers: Recommended for smaller moves that take two hours or less and utilize trucks/trailers 17’ or smaller. $90/hour.
  • Three moving helpers: Recommended for most moves that utilize trucks 17' and larger. This option is good for smaller moves that need to be done faster. $120/hour.
  • Four moving helpers: Recommended for larger moves requiring more than one truck or over six hours of labor. $150/hour.

We also offer a la carte driving services for folks who don’t feel comfortable driving a moving truck. Ready to get started? Call us now at 502-612-1941 for more information.